Review: T and C Miller (T-Roy Miller and Candace Kunz-Miller) - By Request

T-Roy Miller and Candace Kunz-Miller make a memorable and important contribution to Texas country music with their stellar album "By Request." This instant cowboy classic features 12 original campfire songs expertly performed by T & C Miller. And this is one campfire jam that would make any country music lover drive the length of Texas to attend.T-Roy Miller is a country boy who was already successful when he met fellow country recording artist, Candace Kunz. Their love of music expanded to a love of each other, and the couple's marriage formed the country duo appropriately named T & C Miller. T-Roy and Candace are both top-notch country artists in their own right, and their professionalism and raw country talent are on full display.

One of the best songs on the album is the track "Thanks For Putting Up With Me." This song features an understated and sincere performance by T-Roy who is singing a reflective song of thanks to his wife, Candace. She answers with a remarkably nuanced vocal performance of her own. This is an excellent cut that could be a hit on Texas country radio for T & C Miller.

Both T-Roy Miller and Candace Kunz-Miller are accomplished guitarists. Their fine guitar skills are on display throughout the entirety of the album, and the instrumental cut "Saddle Up" is a major success. The uniquely titled "Coffee Kisses" also features sincere vocals from T-Roy Miller and a great guitar performance. But the best song on the album is "Drive-By Wave" which features a textured narrative, beautiful guitar interludes and a heartfelt vocal from Candace Kunz-Miller.

The final three songs on the album don't disappoint. "Albert" has a classic country melody along with an excellent pure country story. Candace Kunz-Miller shines on the cut "Desert Floor" with perfect, soft background vocals from T-Roy Miller. The album ends with the upbeat "Rodeo Song" which showcases the excellent musicality of T-Roy.

Much of the success of "By Request" is due to the classic country voice of T-Roy, whose sound is a blend of the best in Texas country music. The finest elements of Bruce Robison, Chris Knight, and Max Stalling seem to have merged to form T-Roy's own unique sound. Likewise, Candace Kunz-Miller never overreaches, and her vocal talent has a quiet confidence that exudes sincerity and emotion.

This is one marriage made in country music heaven, because T & C Miller's album "By Request" and their previous project "Drinkin' Songs" showcase the very best of this genre. T-Roy and Candace deserve praise for producing original campfire music at a level that is almost unmatched these days. And, as a duo, T-Roy Miller and Candace Kunz-Miller are unbeatable. After hearing this album, there's no doubt that country folks will be running - not walking - to the next T & C Miller campfire jam to make their own request.