Review: Shawna Russell - Goddess

Beauty, brains and talent collide on the breakthrough debut album "Goddess" from Shawna Russell. This Oklahoma native has been singing since age 7, and her professionalism and raw vocal skills are evident on every track of this sensational project.

Good debut albums from female country artists are remarkably rare these days, and Shawna Russell has pulled out all the stops to craft an album that pulsates with passion and raw emotion. The track "The Only One" gives romantic hope to people who have been rejected by a lover, and the sincere and powerful vocal performance by Russell makes this song a winner.

One of the best cuts on the album is "Shed A Tear." This military-inspired anthem, co-written by Shawna Russell, presents a compelling story about a female soldier going off to war. It is a highly successful track that should be of great comfort to soldiers and their families.

The current single, "Should've Been Born With Wheels" is an amazing display of talent by Shawna Russell. This track is reminiscent of Bonnie Raitt mixed with a little Lee Ann Womack. This song will win Russell new fans, and the single is already a hit on country radio.

But the best song on the album is the upbeat country cut "Everybody's Got A Story." This song offers a positive message and has huge radio potential. The lyrics ignite with powerful intensity, and the song has a catchy hook. It is followed by the gentle ballad "Just Let Go" and the barnburner "Get Out Of My Way." However, the biggest surprise of the album is "Little Dixie" which is a classic country feast with a rockin' bluesy beat. "Little Dixie" puts the country music world on notice: Shawna Russell is a force to be reckoned with in country music.

Shawna Russell's "Goddess" is a carefully crafted work of art. The attention to detail is evident on every meticulously produced song, and even the cover art and liner notes are stellar. The tremendous amount of hard work on display in this project proves that Shawna Russell isn't just hoping for a successful album - she wants a long music career. Thankfully, she'll get her wish. With an album this good, it's certain we'll have our goddess for many years (and many albums) to come.