Review: Seth Walker - Leap Of Faith

Seth Walker has had a red-hot blues career for a little while now, but the new album "Leap Of Faith" changes everything. This album is burning up with potential hits and should send the talented musician's career into the stratosphere.

Seth Walker was born to classically trained musicians who lived on a commune in North Carolina. Walker first took up the cello but he soon discovered his love of the guitar. And Walker hasn't looked back since. Likewise, his stellar new album "Leap Of Faith" is a fitting tribute to his musical heroes like T-Bone Walker, B.B. King and Snooks Eaglin.

On "Leap Of Faith," Seth Walker has never sounded so good. The artist's amazing passion and musicality are presented in a new and fresh way. Producer Gary Nicholson brings out the very best in Seth Walker, including the title track, "Leap Of Faith." According to Walker, this album was recorded at a difficult time. He said: "The idea of a leap of faith actually does reflect where I was personally."

The album begins with the scorching opening cut "Can't Come Home With You." Walker also shines with a terrific rendition of Percy Mayfield's "Memory Pain." On the album, Seth Walker's vocal mastery is breathtakingly brilliant with its subtle hints of complexity mixed with an earnest self-assuredness.

This is the first time Seth Walker has allowed someone besides himself to produce his music, and this decision allowed Walker to completely focus on his fine guitar and vocal performances. Because of this, Seth Walker's musical boundries were pushed to the limits and resulted in stunning cuts like "I Got A Song" where Seth Walker shows us his softer side. This beautiful ballad is unlike any music he has ever produced, and it is amazinly successful. The best song on the album is Seth Walker's interpretation of Nick Lowe's "Lately I've Let Things Slide," which offers a carefully nuanced vocal performance by Walker.

Plain and simple, Seth Walker is a star, and the album "Leap Of Faith" proves it. This is the album the blues and Texas music world have been waiting for, so sit back and carefully take it in. Albums this good only come around every few years.