Review: Roger Creager: Here It Is

Over the last 10 years, Roger Creager has established himself as one of the top acts in Texas country music by consistently providing talked-about live shows, popular radio chart hits and some great albums. With "Here It Is," Roger Creager has reached a career milestone with an album that is his best yet.

Roger Creager is known for his full, rich country voice that will warm the coldest of hearts. Creager's vocal talent is brilliantly displayed on the melancholy ballad "I Loved You When." This is followed by the excellent "Tangle Me In You" with a memorable and melodic chorus along with superb instrumentation.

Crowds love Roger Creager's live shows because they're a lot of fun. The #1 Texas radio hit "I'm From The Beer Joint" showcases Roger Creager's playful side most convincingly. This huge hit has helped draw new fans to Creager who later discover a more thoughtful side of his personality with songs like "A Good Day For Sunsets" and "She Chose You."

But the best song on the album is "Cowboys And Sailors." Roger Creager has a knack for storytelling, and he paints a vivid picture of the hard life faced by men whose jobs take them away from their women for long periods of time. Roger Creager plays 160 shows a year and is often away from his loved ones. Needless to say, he performs "Cowboys and Sailors" with a remarkably palpable sincerity.

"Here It Is" proves once again that Roger Creager is the real deal. He is an everyman troubadour who understands the struggles and challenges of everyday folks. "Here It Is" is a major triumph for Roger Creager. In other words, it's darn good.