Review: Pat Green - What I'm For

Pat Green is a revered country music artist who helped launch a huge wave of excitement in the Texas music scene. While Pat Green has moved on to claim a huge fan base in the country world, "What I'm For" proves that Pat Green has not forgotten his Texas roots. "What I'm For" is a major achievement for Green, and is the best album of his long career. That's saying something, because Pat Green has a music catalog that any country musician would envy.
"What I'm For" debuted at number 2 on the Billboard Country Chart, and the first single from the album, "Let Me," is already a big hit on country radio. "Let Me" is a reflective and heartfelt track with a great melody and tender lyrics that deserves the success on radio that it has achieved.

The album "What I'm For" starts off strong with the cut "Footsteps Of Our Fathers," which is an anthem that urges listeners to embrace their family heritage. The song offers potent lyrics that challenge listeners to move forward and learn from the family members that preceded them. It must be said that Pat Green is in perfect vocal form, and the sterling production skills of Dann Huff are clearly evident on the entire project.

The title track "What I'm For" is a pure country cut that shows Pat Green in a more reflective mood. The lyrics of "What I'm For" will instantly connect with country listeners who are firm in their beliefs. He sings: "You don't have to guess what I'm against, you know what I'm for."

The song "Feeling Pretty Good Tonight" is a traditional country song that will play well with the bar crowd, while the musicality shown on the fourth track "Lucky" is impressive. "Lucky" is destined to be a major hit on country radio, and it should be released as a single. Every element of this song works.

"In This World" is a reflective blend of folk and country that is the biggest surprise of the album. Green's light vocals and understated performance are masterful. "Country Star" is the antithesis of "In This World," because it's the most mainstream track on the album. "Country Star" references the major country artists of the day, such as Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw. It's a fun song with a memorable melody that will be great for fans at live shows.

Pat Green the storyteller takes center stage with the track "In It For The Money." Next, Pat Green added his classic tune "Carry On" to the album. This song is well-known to Pat Green fans and is a highly polished and successful version of the classic track that should please his longtime fans.

The Texas native saves the best song for last with the track "In The Middle Of The Night." Pat Green sings with an earnest intensity that is reminiscent of his early Texas country projects. This is a passionate performance that slowly builds to a crescendo. "In The Middle Of The Night" shows a more reflective side of Green that is refreshing.

Pat Green's "What I'm For" is a tight, 10-song set that is polished but deeply personal. Even though Pat Green has moved on from his days of begging bars for an gig to selling out huge concert halls, his artistry and passion are even more visible today with his new album "What I'm For." Of course, in the end, it's all about the music. And this album by Pat Green is darn good.