Review: John Evans - Lucky 13

John Evans rocks. And his album "Lucky 13" proves it. This album is chock full of subtle and not-so-subtle hints of the music that shaped the life of John Evans. In one song, the influence of Carl Perkins, Elvis and Hank Williams permeates the music. While at other times, John Evans channels Robert Earl Keen mixed with a little Dwight Yoakum, and this rockin' country album expertly pulls off a diverse collection of influences. This makes "Lucky 13" a delightful surprise.

John Evans moved to Houston, Texas as a child and was blessed with the city's rich musical heritage. He later moved to Pasadena, Texas where he was a star quarterback. Later, he became a professional football player and shifted his focus to music when his football career ended. Certainly, John Evans brings the passion of a champion football player to the stage and his musical intensity is a force of nature that is virtually unmatched by any Texas musician working today.

The musicianship and vocal skill displayed on John Evans' "Lucky 13" is breathtaking. This man has a mastery of music. One of the best tracks on the album is "Bad Thoughts In A Good Way," which brilliantly showcases John Evans' pitch-perfect vocal interpretation. Other standouts on the album include "Ride Away," "Butterfly Girl" and "Crayola Blue."

The cut "Forget To Remember You're Gone" shows John Evans and his band in a more reflective mood. The soft, almost-haunting vocals and backing music make this song a winner. The lyrics on this track carefully paint a picture of heartache and melancholy love. John Evans writes most of his own songs, and that is a good thing. He is an extremely gifted songwriter. John Evans and Cory Morrow wrote the brilliant new cowboy classic "Ride Away." This is the best song on the album.

"Lucky 13" is a confident and trailblazing, original piece of work, and this album firmly establishes John Evans rightful place as one of today's best country music artists.