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Review: The Cody Gill Band - King Of Your Hometown

The four members of The Cody Gill Band hit the bullseye with "King Of Your Hometown," the upbeat and confident sophomore release from one of the most talked about new bands on the red dirt music scene. And these small town, country boys from Stephenville, Texas deliver eleven terrific songs that are genuine, real-life narratives put to music.

In 2007, The Cody Gill Band had a pretty good year. The band released its debut, full-length album, "Boxcars." Similarly, the single "Can't Let Her Go" was a fixture on the Texas charts and announced the band as a major force in Texas music. Formed in 2004, The Cody Gill Band started out playing at their local bar in Stephenville. Since then, they've criss-crossed America, and all of the band's hard work is more than evident on their stellar new album, "King Of Your Hometown."

Nine of the eleven songs on "King Of Your Hometown" were written by band members. The Cody Gill Band's nine original songs provide fresh, straightforward lyrics about love, youthful indiscretions, small-town life and country living. The band's music blurs the line between Texas country and southern rock. This provides a winning signature sound for The Cody Gill Band that makes them unique in red dirt music.

The first radio single from the album is the title track, "King Of Your Hometown." This song is destined to be a major country hit with its memorable melody, great instrumentation and subtle, sincere vocal performance by Gill. The lyrics of  "King Of Your Hometown" are both nostalgic and socially relevant for today's tough economic times. Gill sings: "Everywhere you turn, another slamming door; when your dreams don't shine like they used to."

It seems appropriate that The Cody Gill Band's most passionate and rockin' tracks, including "Crazy" and "Movin' On," revolve around women. However, the finest songs on the album are actually cuts like the penetrating "Consider" and the melancholy ballad "Threw Me Away" that paint a full emotional picture for the listener. But the best song on the album is the track "Crumble," which showcases Gill's brilliant vocals and the band's soaring instrumental intensity. This song works on all levels. Indeed, "Crumble" shows the more vulnerable side of the band and is the album's biggest surprise.
"King Of Your Hometown" is an energetic and remarkably accomplished album that will catapult The Cody Gill Band into the big leagues of country music. The boys of The Cody Gill Band are already top of the pack in parts of Texas, and this album proves the band is serious about expanding their territory and becoming kings of every other hometown, too. CountryChart.com