Review: Carolyn Wonderland: Miss Understood

Take a little Bonnie Raitt, throw in a heaping handful of Janis Joplin along with a dash of Wynonna Judd and you've got Carolyn Wonderland, the amazingly talented Austin, Texas-based singer who has created a country, rock, soul and blues masterpiece with "Miss Understood."

Carolyn Wonderland is a musical genius. The powerful intensity of her vocal performance is without equal in the music business today, and her confident proficiency on the guitar is a revelation of musical bliss. To top it all off, Carolyn Wonderland has another unique talent - she can whistle with perfect pitch. Yes, Carolyn Wonderland aims to use every ounce of the musical talent God bestowed on her.

The best song on "Miss Understood" is the passionate country ballad "Bad Girl Blues." It is here that Wonderland allows listeners to glimpse the deep feelings from her soul. Her vocal performance is flawless, and this song deserves to be a major country music chart hit. Moreover, the album's producer, Asleep At The Wheel's Ray Benson, ensures that the production quality on Carolyn Wonderland's "Miss Undersood" is flawless.

Other standouts on the album include the radio single "Misunderstood" and the love song "I Don't Want To Fall For You." What is most amazing about the album "Miss Understood" is that Carolyn Wonderland's talent remains at the same level no matter in which genre she performs. This is one of the most unique albums of the last 12 months, and it is one of the best, too.

With "Miss Understood," Carolyn Wonderland has put the music industry on notice. After years of touring and honing her musical skills, this album loudly announces the birth of a new musical superstar - the unforgettable Carolyn Wonderland.