Review: Bo Cox "Rich Man's Gold"

The debut album "Rich Man's Gold" by Texas native Bo Cox is a confident blend of Texas country, blues and Americana. Surprisingly, this bold album introduces a young singer and guitarist who has the skills of a veteran country act in his prime. In short, Bo Cox's "Rich Man's Gold" is a winner.

Bo Cox's musical skills come naturally, because this country boy grew up in a family-owned, homegrown Opry House. While family connections can open a few doors in the music industry, it's a musician's talent and work ethic that produces a sustainable country career. So Bo Cox constantly honed his guitar and vocal skills as a young man. He sang and brought his guitar everywhere he found a microphone and even places without one, like living rooms and holiday social gatherings. The tenacity of Bo Cox paid off in a big way, and his hard work shows in each of the 11, self-penned tracks on "Rich Man's Gold."

Produced by the legendary Mike McClure, the album "Rich Man's Gold" begins with a rousing intro and is followed by the Texas country track "Between The Lines" with a killer hook and memorable lyrics. "Between The Lines" showcases Bo Cox's years of vocal training along with great backing from the band.

The third cut, "Carousel," is one of the best songs on the album. This track is reminiscent of the very best Texas country artists like Randy Rogers Band and Wade Bowen. Another fine song is the ballad "Send Me An Angel" which shows every aspect of the talent of Bo Cox. It is a subtle, textured performance with refreshingly straightforward lyrics. "Talkin' With The Devil" and "Gone" show the bluesy side of Bo Cox channeling his inner Darrell Scott and Delbert McClinton with great success.

Bo Cox saves his best songs for last. "Burning You" is the new single, and it's destined to be a major hit. "Burning You" is a haunting musical journey with piercing lyrics, while the title track "Rich Man's Gold" is a hard rocking cut that is classic country through and through. However, the best song on the album is the final song "Everyday" which offers pure country lyrics with sparse instrumental backing that gives the feel of an intimate live show. This is followed by the passionate, acoustic, hidden track "Make Me New" written by John Cox.

When you combine Bo Cox's excellent musical pedigree, country songwriting talent, great chops, guitar skill and a proven work ethic, you have a country artist that is going to be around awhile. Indeed, the musical skill on display with "Rich Man's Gold" is all the more remarkable since Bo Cox is brand new to the recorded country music scene. Yes, "Rich Man's Gold" is an appropriate title for Bo Cox's debut album, because this country golden boy's music career will likely make him a very rich man.