SINGLE REVIEW: Rich O'Toole - In A Minute Or 2

Rich O'Toole had four hit singles with his debut album "Seventeen," and Texas country music fans were thrilled to accept O'Toole's new album "In A Minute Or 2" and its uptempo title track that has a killer hook and great lyrics.
In the single "In A Minute Or 2," Rich O'Toole offers up another memorable hit record and promises "In a minute or two, I'll come back for you." which will certainly thrill his large and growing fan base.

Rich O'Toole wrote "In A Minute Or 2" right after "Seventeen" was released, and O'Toole says he had a hard time waiting to release the song. O'Toole said his music is about "surviving the real world." Certainly, this hit record proves that this twentysomething artist is definitely a survivor, and the single seems to reflect his own real life and loves.

O'Toole grew up in Houston and turned to music after a baseball career was sidelined by injury. So Rich O'Toole packed up his guitar and auditioned at any open mic nights he could find. He fast developed a substantial following and still managed to get his college degree.

"In A Minute Or 2" is an anthem that is a worthy follow-up to Rich O'Toole's previous four hit singles. The lyrics, driving beat and spot-on vocals all illustrate that Rich O'Toole will definitely be around for alot longer than a minute or two.