Single Review: Josh Abbott Band - Buried Me

Josh Abbott Band ScapegoatThe Josh Abbott has produced one of the best Texas music songs of the last year or so with the stellar "Buried Me" The single is successful on all levels and provides a powerful musical punch with thought provoking lyrics and strong vocals.

Founded by fraternity brothers on the campus of Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas, the Josh Abbott Band (also known as JAB among fans) has had a fast rise in the Texas Country scene. Their combination of country rock, a lead singer with a great voice, good instrumentation (drums. electric guitar, acoustic guitar and banjo) and little comic relief make JAB unbeatable in the the country scene.
If you just read the lyrics, you would think "Buried Me" is a dark song. But there's more to it than that. Yes, the track is rife with emotion, but it still successfully manages to provide a rocking beat that is perfect for country radio. Anyone who has ever been through a bad break-up or had a love-hate relationship will instantly identify with this song. This is powerful stuff:
Go ahead and arrange the flowers,
And prepare my eulogy,
Call my brothers to be my pall bearers
Cuz what you did already buried me.
"Buried Me" was one of the first songs the Josh Abbott Band recorded, and the song was on their self-titled EP, but the band decided to release the song on their new "Scapegoat" album. This was a good decision.

The single "Buried Me" is a winner. It is a risk-taking track that is full of raw emotion, and the Josh Abbott Band is gonna make it a hit.