Review" Trent Willmon - Broken In

Trent Willmon is an optimistic, country storyteller who has created one heck of an album with the terrific "Broken In." For his third studio album, Trent Willmon focuses our attention more closely on his excellent songwriting talent and spot-on country vocal skill. In short, this country boy has chops.

Trent Willmon wrote the Montgomery Gentry hit "Back When I Knew It All." And on "Broken In," Willmon records some of his own songs that offer glimpses of his past and remind listeners to embrace their country heritage.

Indeed, Willmon is at his best when performing his own music. Two of the finest songs on the album are "Dry County" and the unforgettable "The Good Ol' Days Are Gone" (where he is joined by Kevin Fowler and Roger Creager). But it is the stirring anthem "How A Cowboy Lives" that illustrates Trent Willmon's vocal talent the most.

The rousing, rockin' "Little Set Of Horns," which is Willmon's pet name for the woman in his life, provides a sanguine, musical treat for his fans. And Willmon's diversity is proven again with the haunting melody of "Tumbleweed Town" and the classic country love song "I'll Love You Anyway." This self-penned love song is the best track on "Broken In" and deserves to be a major hit.

With "Broken In," Trent Willmon shows that he is a uniquely skilled country artist destined for continued success - both as a singer and songwriter. Willmon scores big with a diverse collection of songs that carefully thread a country theme leading to the album's finale, which is the soaring, gospel-tinged track titled "There Is A God." And Trent Willmon more than proves God's existence with his abundance of southern charm and full display of raw, God-given talent.