Review: Terri Hendrix - Left Over Alls

Terri Hendrix is no shrinking violet. She is a talent powerhouse and a mighty savvy businessperson as well. But in the end, it's all about the music. Thankfully, that's what Terri Hendrix does best, and her new album "Left Over Alls" is a testament to good country music vocals and skilled instrumentation.

The 13 songs on the "Left Over Alls" collection are fully representative of the depths Terri Hendrix's soul and her passion for good music. This collection is so diverse for a reason: "Left Over Alls," as the title suggests, includes old and new songs Hendrix had been saving that had never made it onto one of her many albums.

One of the most pleasing songs on "Left Over Alls" is the self-penned second cut, "Wallet" which perfectly blends her vocals with Henrix's always perfect instrumental skills. It must be said that Terri Hendrix is one of the best musicians working today. Her skill with the harmonica, acoustic guitar, mandolin and papoose combined with her amazing vocals ensure that she is virtually without equal among her peers.

The people of San Marcos, Texas are lucky to have such a talented member of the community. Early on in her career, Terri Hendrix made the decision to create her own record company and therefore own the masters of her music (and promote her own recordings). This decision was questioned by many early on, but the success of Terri Hendrix has proven she made the right decision. Hendrix also has a long association with Texas music legend Lloyd Maines, and they often perform as a duo.

Terri Hendrix writes most of her own songs. Her lyrics give listeners a glimpse of her fun personality in some instances while highlighting her journey through womanhood on others. Songs like "Hole In My Pocket" showcase her more vulnerable side, and this is her finest moment on the 13-song collection.

The album "Left Over Alls" is a superb, stunningly original collection of of Americana brilliance from Terri Hendrix. Anyone who enjoys intelligent and sincere singer-songwriters will treasure this recording for years to come.