Review: Micky & The Motorcars - Naive

What is the best Texas country album of the last six months? The answer is definitely "Naive," which is the hard rocking, 12-track country music masterpiece by Micky & The Motorcars. This album has the perfect mixture of great lyrics, fine production quality and authentic country vocals.

"Naive" is a worthy follow-up to the band's previous albums "Careless" and "Ain't In It For The Money." With "Naive," Micky & The Motorcars strike a confident tone from start to finish and, therefore, cement their status as leaders of the Texas country music movement.

Burning up the country music charts has become commonplace for Micky & The Motorcars, and "Naive" is filled with hits. The band also add a few elements to their trademark style. The hardest rocking cut on the album is "Bloodshot," which is followed by the excellent, traditional Texas country song titled "Seashell."

The best song on "Naive" is the track titled "Let's Split Out Of Here" which showcases Micky & The Motorcars' perfect country vocals combined with the right music and a killer hook. "Long Enough To Leave" also offers listeners a flawless performance that is destined to be a mainstay of Texas country radio for years to come.

Micky & The Motorcars prove that they have truly arrived with "Naive." And any country band foolish enough to challenge these guys right now would be, well, a little bit naive.