Review: Luke Olson - Red River Blue

For a young guy, Luke Olson has had an awful long career. That's because he started in the music business at the age of 8. "Red River Blue" continues his unique brand of casual country that has made him a popular concert draw. Plus, Olson has also appeared with everybody who's anybody in the Texas country music scene.

Luke Olson's songwriting is country through and through. His lyrics are straightforward and to-the-point. And the San Antonio native shines in the fun, country anthem "Gone Fishin." Two other standouts are also songs written by Olson titled "Everyday" and "Hello My Old Friend."

But it is the cover version Chris Knight's "Me And My Road" that showcases Luke Olson's country-tinged vocals the most. This is an excellent track that should be released to country radio.

The production quality on Olson's "Red River Blue" is sterling, and the pitch-perfect vocal performance was obviously honed from his constant touring schedule and the fact that this is the fifth album of the Texas Tech graduate.

The final track of Luke Olson's album is "Tryin' To Make The Yellow Lights." And this excellent album proves that Luke Olson is more than capable of encountering a long string of green lights in what promises to be a long career ahead.