ALBUM REVIEW: Johnny Cash - Johnny Cash Remixed

Johnny Cash is introduced to a new a generation of music fans with "Johnny Cash Remixed," an album where top DJs remix classic Johnny Cash tunes which were licensed from the legendary Sun Records. And the album succeeds in maintaining Cash's real-man persona and charm while sampling and mixing his vocals with new beats.Of course, the legacy of Johnny Cash has had an impact on virtually every music genre, including rap, rock and soul. The first song on "Johnny Cash Remixed" showcases the unlikely combo of Snoop Dogg and Cash on "I Walk the Line." The song is interesting, but the mistake is that Cash's vocals sound like they are coming from a boombox while Snoop's rap is at normal volume.
Thankfully, producers decided against offering any supercharged dance or electronica-styled remixes, and the style of most of the music is more of an ambient style that will allow longtime fans of Cash to at least appreciate this album enough to offer it to their kids or grandkids who might only know Johnny Cash from the hit film "Walk the Line."
The best track on the album is "Country Boy" Sonny J Remix. The mix of the vocals and the music is perfectly done, and it is certainly worth an iTunes download. "Folsom Prison Blues" Pete Rock Remix is also excellent and has a bluesy, rock dance background that works surprisingly well.

"Johnny Cash Remixed" is not your grandfather's Johnny Cash LP, but it's definitely worth a listen for any Johnny Cash fan open to hearing to hearing Cash's music in a new way.