Review: Don Edwards - Heaven On Horseback

With "Heaven On Horseback," singer-guitarist Don Edwards has created the definitive cowboy gospel album of this generation. Edwards' 14-song album is completely filled to the brim with the real-life spiritual journey of cowboys past and present in what can only be described as a career defining recording.

Don Edwards is America's preeminent western musician, and he drew international acclaim after appearing with Robert Redford in "The Horse Whisperer." People who have followed Edwards know that he never fails to impress or surprise. "Heaven On Horseback" blends the old with the new. Hank Williams and Kris Kristofferson are offered along with traditional hymns like "Amazing Grace" and traditional cowboy classics.

One of the best performances on the recording (and the biggest surprise) is the melancholy "Drift Along Lonely Cowboy" followed by "A Cowboy's Prayer/Dim Narrow Trail" which showcases a narration by Don Edwards. But it is "Make Me No Grave" where Edwards' star shines the brightest. It is a masterful performance.

Don Edwards is no musical or academic lightweight. He knows his craft, and he is an expert in his subject matter. Edwards' fans understand and respect his authenticity. In fact, Edwards is a historian, author, musicologist and one of the nation's most respected purveyors of cowboy lore.

The richness and purity of Don Edwards' voice and guitar skill have ensured that "Heaven On Horseback" will have a lasting place in the history of cowboy country and country gospel as well. This album should bring new fans to Don Edwards and be a constant joy to his current loyal listeners. Most importantly, Don Edwards can rest easy, because he can be sure that his hero, Gene Autry, would be proud.