Review: Bruce Robison - His Greatest

Growing up in Bandera, Texas gave Bruce Robison a perspective that shaped his views on the world, life and love. These small-town, southern values permeate every word of every song written by Bruce Robison, and "His Greatest" shows why this country troubadour is an American musical treasure and one of the greatest songwriters of his generation.

Robison's songs are widely sought after by the top artists of the day, and "His Greatest" includes newly recorded versions of #1 Hits Robison wrote that were recorded by others. These include: "Wrapped" (George Strait), the stellar "Travelin' Soldier" (Dixie Chicks) and "Angry All The Time" (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill).

Bruce Robison's vocals are unique in country music, because he has a knack for conveying an almost understated intensity that focuses listeners' minds on his always outstanding lyrics. It is Robison's everyman persona that endears him to his large and loyal group of fans who compare him to other celebrated country songwriters such as Townes Van Zandt, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Lyle Lovett.

On "His Greatest," Bruce Robison doesn't disappoint. As always, his vocal interpretation, band line-up and production show the professionalism for which he is known worldwide. Choosing a favorite track among the ten masterful hits on the album is difficult. The best upbeat song on the album is probably "Poor Man's Son" which will get your blood pumping. However, the best track on the album is Robison's "Not Forgotten You" which is sung with a relaxed passion that perfectly compliments the heartfelt lyrics.

Bruce Robison is one of the most gifted storytellers alive today. His music reaches deep down and shares the narratives of small-town Texas combined with his other unique life experiences. Indeed, Robison's "His Greatest" could have easily been titled "The Greatest." That's because the tremendous quality of this fine collection of country masterpieces is virtually without equal.