Review: Brandon Jenkins - Faster Than A Stone

Brandon Jenkins is already a well-known singer and accomplished guitarist with 8 albums under his belt. But "Faster Than A Stone" is the artist's finest album to date. That's saying a lot since Jenkins has also produced creative gems like "Unmended," "VII" and "Down in Flames."

Brandon Jenkins is not an artist that can easily be pigeonholed. For instance, this album offers great blues with "Big Mama's Kitchen," southern rock with "Faster Than A Stone" and red dirt with "Just Like California." And that's just the first third of the album.

The musical talent on display in the album "Faster Than A Stone" is amazing. Jenkins songs and vocals are perfectly complemented by the artist's mastery of the guitar. Likewise, the other musicians on the record, including backgrounds by Stoney Larue on four songs, are also top-notch.
One of the best songs on the album is the final track "Got To Be." Ironically, "Got To Be" is unique for Jenkins because it is an old-style, country song with only some sparks of progressive country that make it fresh yet still familiar. Releasing this song as a single could draw some new fans to Brandon Jenkins.  Another standout is "Till The Morning Comes."

Listening to Brandon Jenkins "Faster Than A Stone" is like taking a country-blues-southern rock masterclass.On the next to the last song, Jenkins sings "Help Me Jesus." But observing the quality of "Faster Than A Stone" shows that Brandon Jenkins doesn't need any help at all.

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