Review: Bob Simpson - Bob Simpson

If you ever wondered how Eric Clapton would have turned out if he grew up in West Texas, then meet Bob Simpson. This singer-songwriter is a triple threat: Guitar skill, vocals reminiscent of Marty Robbins mixed with a little Hayes Carll and, finally, a knack for writing heartfelt and penetrating lyrics. The combination makes this album a winner.

Simpson's debut album has a folk/country/Americana groove that would allow it to be enjoyed by both country and mainstream fans. The mood of the album is a unique mixture that is sometimes melancholy but always earnest. But the feeling in Bob Simpson's vocals and instrumentation on the guitar is intense without being overbearing.

However, it is the hopeful "Angel On My Shoulder" where Simpson gives his finest performance. Tracy Chapman had "Fast Car" and, now, Bob Simpson has "Angel On My Shoulder." The catchy melody, memorable lyrics and perfect harmonica interludes introduce a song that could be a hit on multiple radio formats, including Texas country and even Christian/Gospel radio.

"Ballad Of A Breaking Heart" is another winning track that mixes a little Cat Stevens with some John Prine and a little Elton John. Bob Simpson is a student of good music, and it shows. Self-taught on the guitar, Simpson utilizes his instrument to complement his lyrical and musical style that bridges the old with the new.

Bob Simpson has created an interesting and thought-provoking work of art with his "Bob Simpson" project. While it's not easy for a debut album to live up to a grandiose first song title like "Good As Gold," Bob Simpson has come really, really close.