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Free 12-Song Album Download: Brett Crenshaw - Another Late Night

Brett Crenshaw and his band have the answer for tough economic times: A free download of their entire late 2008, 12-song album titled "Another Late Night." Thanks to Brett and the boys for the great gift!

UPDATE: This offer is now over. Thanks to Brett Crenshaw for giving so many people his album. However, it is worth every penny of the purchase price.

It will be delivered almost instantly. Ours came in less than a minute. There are no catches, and the website never even asks for your name or any other personal information.

Offering a free album download is an absolutely brilliant marketing idea by this new, rocking' Texas country band. "Another Late Night" offers 12 new recordings of Brett Crenshaw and his band. By giving away a free digital album, the band will certainly welcome many new fans. And this should increase attendance at his already packed shows.
Brett Crenshaw entered Texas A&M in 2004 with a goal of becoming a veterinarian. Then, he met his now close friend, Rich O'Toole - a popular Texas country artist. O'Toole encouraged Crenshaw to pursue his music, and Crenshaw began to appear at local open mic nights in College Station. Brett Crenshaw's life was forever changed when he formed his band that now has a large and dedicated fan following.
On the album, "Another Late Night," Brett Crenshaw and his band shine on the ballad "Maybe It's Best." But it is the hard-driving Texas country songs where Brett Crenshaw and the boys seem the most comfortable and are at their best. Songs like "Tryin' To Keep Up," "Opened Up My Eyes" and "Cuttin' Loose" all show a new band that deserves a hard look by any true country music fan.

Brett Crenshaw will certainly get attention by giving listeners a free digital copy of the 12-song Texas country album. This will definitely pay dividends in the years to come as this special offer will be certain to create some lifelong fans who will always remember the first time they heard Brett Crenshaw and his talented band. CountryChart.com