SINGLE REVIEW: Mark McKinney - Stompin' Ground

Red Dirt fans have an extra reason to celebrate with the single release of Mark McKinney's Texas Music anthem "Stompin' Ground." This track just hit the Top 5 and is from Mark McKinney's widely acclaimed debut album "Get It On." McKinney had already charted an impressive 3 singles on the Texas Music Chart. And, now, he's taking a victory lap with his fourth hit, which is a rowdy, meat and potatoes country masterpiece.
As usual with Mark McKinney, "Stompin' Ground" is a well-written song with a memorable hook. But this track is special. The lyrics and hard-driving beat take the listener back in time and allow us to relive the best moments of our past. He sings:
"This is where I discovered love...where I was young and crazy. This is where I became a man. I faced those demons and I took my stand...This is where it all went down. This is my old stomping ground."
The single is authentic and wears well with repeated listens, so "Stompin' Ground" should hold the test of time in your music collection. Just this evening, I was discussing my favorite pair of boots with some family at a Christmas party. The boots are old and kind of worn out but they hold a lot of memories. I'm so afraid that one day they're just gonna give out and I won't ever be able to wear them again. Funny thing is, "Stompin' Ground" has the same kind of impact. It reminds us of better days - the years before the daily grind, Wall Street meltdowns and Jessica Simpson singing country.

The single "Stompin' Ground" deserves a wide audience, and the track hits on all cylinders. It's a hit that actually deserves to be hit. Right now, Mark McKinney is in the studio working on his sophomore CD. He faces high expectations for this new project simply because his first album was just so darn good. If the new album shows any of the lyrical and musical quality of "Stompin' Ground," then I have a feeling Mark McKinney is going to keep making Texas music fans proud.

About Mark McKinney
 Mark McKinney’s music evokes good times, plain and simple. Whether going to a backyard kegger, painting the town red with your rowdy friends, or simply being with those people who know you better than anyone else, Mark McKinney’s music takes you there. Equipped with a positive outlook and a true passion for creating and sharing music, McKinney is bursting onto the scene and having the time of his life.

For his debut solo album, Get It On, McKinney took from his own experiences (as well as those of his closest friends and family) to produce a collection of songs that has been appropriately described as “foot-stompin’, sing-a-long, ornery country with a strong melody.” The album is, in Mark’s own words, “a journey through the mind of a Southern man.” And yet something in the fun and honesty applies to everyone – we can all relate to and take a little something from his music. McKinney, born and raised in Big Spring, TX, distinguishes himself from the typical “rockin’ country” artist by drawing from a wide range of influences. He credits his father for instilling in him an appreciation for upbeat, energetic songs. He blends his musical tastes as easily as drinking beer and eating barbecue, and he admits to a diverse musical background. “Although I grew up listening to country legends like Willie Nelson and Charlie Daniels, I was also heavily influenced by rock and pop.” This blend of influences has helped secure Mark a unique place on the Texas scene – and helped keep him from getting boxed into one genre.

For Get It On, Mark teamed up with his best friend, Nashville-based producer Rob Dennis (Lynyrd Skynyrd,the fray,Cross Canadian Ragweed) who, along with producing Get It On, recently formed the independent record label Super Loud Music – the label Mark now calls home. In preparation for Get It On’s completion, Mark had been busy shuttling between Nashville and Austin – stopping only long enough to rock Texas country fans with his live show.

While working on his debut CD, Mark teamed up with Kevin Fowler. Together the pair wrote a song called “What's Your Point,” which is slated to appear on Fowler's own upcoming record. Mark's live show can best be described as a high energy, full throttle experience. He is constantly changing his live show and playing a full schedule of dates across Texas and Oklahoma. Mark is a star on the rise with the experience and attitude needed to bring great new music to the masses. Mark McKinney is blazing onto the scene in a big way, and bringing the good times with him.