Single Review: Pat Green - Let Me

Pat Green's vocals soar with the new single "Let Me." Green offers up a stellar performance and upbeat delivery that makes this track one of the most memorable and well-produced songs on country radio in the last few months.
Although the romantic lyrics of "Let Me" are more suited for an average Kenny Chesney country fan rather than Pat Green's original Texas music audience, this song is a winner that can be appreciated by both groups of fans. His romantic lyrics include:
"Let me be the one who sets your feet up on a road where you've never been, oh and baby then, you can let me take these arms and wrap you up inside a night that will never end."
Like Jack Ingram, Pat Green has found a second life in mainstream country music, and this single could certainly catapult him to even further success.
While "Let Me" will certainly appeal to women, Pat Green has created a country love song with enough of an edge that men will enjoy it too. In short, just about everyone can find something to like about "Let Me" That's no small feat these days.