Review: Tommy Gallagher Band "Always Something"

The Amarillo, Texas boys that make up the Tommy Gallagher Band are an easy-going group of guys who have managed to create an album that honors the tradition of Tommy's legendary grandfather (honky-tonk hero Tommy Allen) while still pushing the envelope of contemporary Texas country music. This is no easy feat. And that's why the Tommy Gallagher Band will probably soon join the ranks of the top Texas country acts, such as the Randy Rogers Band, Stoney LaRue and Wade Bowen.
The album, expertly produced by Mike McClure, starts strong with the title track "Always Something." And the Tommy Gallagher Band - or TGB as they are affectionately known by longtime fans - have crafted a unique sound on the title track that will make them instantly recognizable to country radio audiences. The song "Always Something" is the band's first single and is already a big hit on the Texas Music Chart. The track "Smile" is another laid-back, Texas country-style song with serious radio potential.

"What Goes Around" shows the band's harder edge, and the instrumentation on "What Goes Around" deserves serious praise. Indeed Josh Duggan (lead guitar), Ken Chrostowski (bass), Kit Koop (rhythm guitar) and Ryan Duncan (drums) are exceptional musicians and the perfect complement to Tommy Gallagher's superior vocals. Likewise, the rockin' "Got It Made" is a track that mixes traditional country and Texas country with great success.

Another standout is "Here Tonight." This cut, written by Gallagher, showcases the band at their best and compares favorably to virtually any country song on Texas radio today. It is readily evident that the band has been heavily influenced by their own favorite musicians, such as Cooder Graw, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Jason Boland, Reckless Kelly and Merle Haggard. The band combines elements from all of the aforementioned artists with the best song on the album - the reflective "Dream." This song showcases the band in full storytelling mode with a rock-solid vocal performance from Tommy Gallagher and thought-provoking lyrics.

The Tommy Gallagher Band's years of playing honky-tonks and long days of honing their musical skills have paid off in a big way with the album "Always Something." This project is a rare gem that pays homage to country music of the past while still creating something new and different that will be warmly embraced by the country music world. In fact, the hard-driving anthem "Have A Ball" may sum up the album best. Indeed, you will certainly have a ball with the album, and it's evident the Tommy Gallagher Band had a heck of a good time making it.

Review: Dallas Wayne "I'll Take The Fifth"

Dallas Wayne is probably best known as the radio powerhouse heard seven days a week on Sirius-XM Radio's Outlaw Country and Willie's Place channels. What some people don't know is that Dallas Wayne is a brilliant country singer and songwriter. Well, that's about to change, because the Springfield, Missouri native's first album in four years, "I'll Take The Fifth" from Smith Entertainment is a classic honky-tonk country treasure that cannot be ignored by any fan of traditional country music.
The album "I'll Take The Fifth" starts out strong with the catchy "All Dressed Up (With No Place To Go)" This tune, like all the others on the album, was written (or co-written) Dallas Wayne. This country outlaw is a seriously talented songwriter with well-executed lyrics and catchy melodies.

"I'm Gonna Break Some Promises Tonight" is a honky-tonk lover's dream that blends the best elements of country music to create an infectious, toe-tapping masterpiece. This is followed by one of the best songs on the album, "Not A Dry Eye In The House," which is a traditional country love song with a great melody. "Fixin' To Fall" is up next with a rockin' beat and great instrumentation.

But the best song on the album is "Invisible Man." This track blends traditional country with Texas country and shows Dallas Wayne's great sense of humor and wickedly funny lyrics. Later, Dallas Wayne gets a little help from Sunny Sweeney on the cut "Straighten Up (And Lie Right), and this song is a must for any country fan's MP3 player. "Straighten Up" is country perfection and shows both Sunny Sweeney and Dallas Wayne in top form.

"I'll Take The Fifth" is a major achievement for Dallas Wayne, and the wide array of styles, vocal skill and songwriting talent displayed on the album will be a revelation to Dallas Wayne's thousands of Sirius-XM radio fans who might be unfamiliar with his music. "I'll Take The Fifth" deserves a prime position in the CD collection of any true country music fan who loves traditional country songs and thought provoking country lyrics. Although Dallas Wayne is currently a major radio personality, there's no way he'll be an "Invisible Man" to country record buyers after creating an album that is this darn good.

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