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Top 10 Instrumental Country Music Chart 2018 - Top Country Music Instrumental Only Vinyl Records and CDs in Country Music

Country Instrumental Music is exceptionally popular because of the wide range of musical talent and instrumentation throughout the history of country music. This is the Instrumental Country Music Chart, which showcases the top selling and trending Instrumental Country Music right now. Instruments such as the fiddle, steel guitar, piano, harmonica, bass, banjo, autoharp, accordion, mandolin, washboard and others are legendary in country music. This chart seeks to highlight the top Instrumental Country Music by shining a bright light on the most popular new and catalog titles.
- The Instrumental Country Music Chart published every day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). The chart is updated hourly. Many of the most popular instrumentalists in country music have been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the respect given to instrumentalists by country fans is much more than most other genres. Find the top albums on CD and Vinyl in Instrumental Country Music. Stay tuned to …

Chris Lane enters the Top 5 with "Take Back Home Girl" ft Tori Kelly in August 29, 2018 Daily Country Chart

Chris Lane's song featuring Tori Kelly about the sex appeal of "natural" women has entered the Top Trending Songs chart for August 29, 2018 while Florida Georgia Line tops the chart with the mega-hit "Simple." On the iTunes Chart for today, Florida Georgia Line also rule the roost with "Sittin' Pretty" with Jason Aldean featuring Miranda Lambert's "Drowns the Whiskey" coming on strong at #2. FGL scores #3 on the iTunes chart with "Simple" and Brett Young is #4 with "Mercy." Dan + Shay rounds out the Top 5 with "Tequila." Stay tuned to for daily country hits. See you tomorrow.
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Johnny Cash Tops the August 29, 2018 Daily Southern Gospel and Country Gospel Chart with "I'll Fly Away"

The great country icon Johnny Cash has topped the Country and Southern Gospel Chart for August 29, 2018 with the classic song "I'll Fly Away." Alan Jackson follows with the equally classic "The Old Rugged Cross," "Amazing Grace" "How Great Thou Art" and Jackson's own version of "I'll Fly Away."

Top 100 Country and Southern Gospel Songs Chart 2018 - Top 40 Christian Country Albums on iTunes, MP3, CD Albums Charts

The Southern Gospel Country Music Chart from is one of the most comprehensive Southern Gospel & Country Gospel charts on the internet. We carefully highlight and spotlight the most important trending and popular Country Gospel music artists' albums and singles. You will find charts for Country Gospel CDs, Vinyl Records, iTunes songs, Apple Music, Trending Streaming Services and MP3 downloads - all in one easy to find page. Bookmark this chart now.
- UPDATED! The Country Gospel Music Chart from is published every day and updated each hour. Southern Gospel music heralds from the roots of Christianity in The United States of America, and many of the traditional Country Gospel songs have been handed down from generation to generation and blend bluegrass with traditional country. However, modern, contemporary country music has influenced Country Gospel and Southern Gospel music. The charts found below reflect the diversity of music - but the popul…

SteelDrivers Continue to Dominate Bluegrass Songs Chart; for August 29, 2018; Dwight Yoakam re-enters Top 5 Songs

The SteelDrivers continue to dominate the Daily Bluegrass Music Chart for August 29, 2018 with all three songs in the Top 3 with "Where Rainbows Never Die" at #1, "Ghosts of Mississippi" at #2 and "Good Corn Liquor" at #3. Bobby Osborne makes a good showing at #4 with "They Call the Wind Maria" and Dwight Yoakam rounds out the Top 5 with the exquisite Prince remake "Purple Rain."

Who will win at the 2018 CMA Awards? We predict all the winners of the 52nd Annual Country Music Association Awards

Predicting the ultimate winners of the CMA Awards is a difficult task, because the awards show is notorious for surprises. When the nominations were announced on Tuesday, August 28, 2018, Chris Stapleton came out on top with five nominations. Super-producer and musician Dan Huff received four nods, and a list of Country all-stars received three nominations each. They include Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Dan + Shay, Florida Georgia Line, Chris Janson, Miranda Lambert, Midland, Thomas Rhett and Keith Urban.

The 52nd Annual CMA Awards will be broadcast November 14, 2018 (7 p.m. CST) from Bridgestone Arena in the country capital of the world - Nashville, Tennessee. Country stars Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood will co-host the big event.

Before we begin, one thing has to be made clear: The CMA Awards are unpredictable every year. But patterns of success for the CMA Awards are evident, and we will carefully judge all the candidates based on past winners, streaming success, social medi…

Alan Jackson has Seven Hits in the Top 10 on the Daily Country and Southern Gospel Music Chart for August 28, 2018

Alan Jackson dominates the Country Gospel and Southern Gospel Daily Chart for Tuesday, August 28, 2018 - taking seven of the Top 10 spots with timeless "The Old Rugged Cross" coming in at #1. Johnny Cash follows at #2 with the equally timeless "In the Sweet By and By." Stay tuned to for the latest Country Gospel and Southern Gospel chart hits.

The SteelDrivers take Top 4 spots on the Daily Bluegrass Songs Chart for August 28, 2018 and Top Album, Too

The SteelDrivers dominate the Daily Bluegrass Chart for Tuesday, August 28, 2018 with six songs in the Top 10 - including the top 4 spots with "Where Rainbows Never Die" at #1,"Good Corn Liquor" coming in at #2, "Ghosts of Mississippi" arriving at #3 and "Angel of the Night" coming in at #4. But Dwight Yoakam also manages to sneak into the Top 5 with Purple Rain. The SteelDrivers also come in at #1 on the Bluegrass Albums chart with "The Muscle Shoals Recordings."

Florida Georgia Line is "Sittin' Pretty at #1 on the Country Music Daily Chart for August 28, 2018

Florida Georgia line tops both the Trending Country Chart and the Country Songs Chart for August 28, 2018 with two different songs, "Simple" and "Sittin' Pretty."  The hot single "Drowns the Whiskey" for Jason Aldean (feat. Miranda Lambert)  comes in at #2 while Mercy from Brett Young follows at #3. Dan + Shay don't disappoint at #4 with Tequila and the #1 Trending Song "Simple" comes in a strong #5 on the overall song chart for Florida Georgia Line. Numbers 6-10 include "Drunk Me" from the great Mitchell Tenpenny at #6, "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset" from Luke Bryan at #7 and "Get Along" from Kenny Chesney at #8. Today's chart is rounded out by two Luke Combs songs: "Beautiful Crazy" at #9 and "She Got the Best of Me" at #10. Stay tuned to for tomorrow's country charts.
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Top 150 Traditional Bluegrass Music Songs 2018 - Hot Traditional Bluegrass Country Albums and Top 100 Singles

Traditional Bluegrass music has seen a resurgence in popularity as some Bluegrass fans prefer more simple chord progressions and want to hear more acoustic instruments. The Traditional Bluegrass Music Chart seeks to highlight this increasingly popular sub-genre of Bluegrass music with stats such as Ralph Stanley, Dem McCoury, Ricky Skaggs and Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. Radio stations (both online and terrestrial) have embraced Traditional Bluegrass music for its heartfelt lyrics and pure instrumentation.
- The Traditional Bluegrass Music Chart is published daily - weekdays and weekends - by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). Country Chart Magazine publishes the Traditional Bluegrass chart 365 times each year. Most Traditional Bluegrass music bands stay away from instruments amplified electrically - but they do often 'mike' their instruments when performing to large crowds who might not otherwise be able to properly hear the sweet sound of Traditional Bluegrass music. Stay tu…

Top Contemporary Bluegrass Music iTunes Songs Chart - Progressive Bluegrass Albums Chart - CDs, Vinyl Albums and Downloads

Beginning in the 1980s, many Bluegrass music fans warmed to a somewhat more modern style of music that built upon the bedrocks of Traditional Bluegrass and Progressive Bluegrass. This sub-genre of Bluegrass was called "Contemporary Bluegrass," and it has managed develop into a thriving group on bands and Contemporary Bluegrass artists that create innovative and captivating music. Nevertheless, Contemporary Bluegrass music still manages to adhere to many elements of Traditional Bluegrass while still managing to sound fresh and new.
- The Contemporary Bluegrass Music Chart is published each day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). Country Chart Magazine publishes this chart weekdays and weekends - including holidays. The Contemporary Bluegrass Music Chart highlights the most popular music in this sub-genre of Bluegrass. Fans of Contemporary Bluegrass music are actively represented on the Bluegrass music festival scene are frequent ticket buyers for concerts. At the same, time …

Top 200 Country Music Album Charts 2018 - iTunes, MP3 Downloads, CD & Vinyl Chart - DAILY Top 100 EPs

The Daily Country Albums & EP Music Chart details the Top 200 country music albums and EPs on iTunes and Apple Music. Also find out which country stars and groups have Top 10 country music CDs and Vinyl Record albums. Having consistent Top 40 hit albums indicates a stable and important career in the competitive country music market.
- UPDATED! The Daily Country Music Album & EP Chart published every day - weekdays and weekends by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). It is published 365 times a year on and weekly in Country Chart Magazine. The iTunes Daily Country Music Albums Chart will help you discover new music entering the charts from emerging artists and enjoy popular new country artists as they progress on the country music chart. This is the daily list for the top country music albums on iTunes, streaming services and retailers like

Bookmark this page on so you will always know the top Country Music albums on iTunes, Amazon…

Top 200 Bluegrass iTunes Albums Chart 2018 - Top 100 Bluegrass Country Songs - Top 40 CD, Vinyl, MP3 Singles Downloads Charts

Bluegrass music has seen a major resurgence in popularity, and fans of Bluegrass music are some of the most rabid concertgoers in all of music. The Bluegrass Top 150 Songs Chart seeks to showcase the most popular Bluegrass music right now on iTunes, Amazon and streaming services. On radio, Bluegrass music has never been more popular. Indeed, the influx of online streaming radio stations combined with terrestrial radio stations playing Bluegrass music has created a demand for more Bluegrass music. So The Bluegrass Top 150 Songs Chart will seek to educate Bluegrass and country music fans about the top songs, albums and EPs in the genre.
- The Bluegrass Music Chart is published daily - including weekends - by 2 pm CST (Austin/Nashville time). Country Chart Magazine publishes the Bluegrass Music Chart 340 times a year. Bluegrass music was inspired by the music of the Appalachian Mountains but has blended with music Scotland, Wales and England. Bluegrass artists are assisted greatly in thei…

Top 10 Neotraditional Country Music Albums Chart - Top New Traditional (Neo-Traditional) Country Music on CD, Vinyl Record and MP3 Downloads

Neotraditional country music seems to focus on instrumentation, and the country music's most popular Neotraditional stars often have some of the most iconic senses of style in all of country music. The Neotraditional Country Music Chart seeks to showcase the best of Neotraditional music, and the most popular and trending albums and EPs in the musical genre.
- The Neotraditional Country Music Chart is published each day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). The chart is updated hourly by the staff of Country Chart Magazine. The aforementioned fashion choices of many Neotraditional artists come from the bold clothing ensembles of country stars from the 1940s and 1950s. Country stars like Alan Jackson and Dwight Yoakam have signature styles that harken back to country stars of yesteryear. Neotraditional music itself probably got its biggest boost in 1991 with the emergence of Garth Brooks, one of the bestselling musical artists of all time in any genre. The Neotraditionall Country Mus…

Top 40 Western Swing Music Chart 2018 - Hot Western Swing Music CD, Vinyl Records MP3 Online Downloads and Streaming Charts

The top music in Western Swing is showcased in The Western Swing Music Chart from Country Chart Magazine. The Western Swing sound that originated in the 1920s American South and American West is up-tempo country-styled dance music that is still popular today. But the music from the past has combined with popular artists from today that make up the The Western Swing Music Chart. Find the top Western Swing compact discs, vinyl records and MP3 downloads.
- The Western Swing Music Chart is published daily by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). The Western Swing Music chart is updated each hour. In popular culture, Western Swing's most important moment came in the period of the 1930s to early 1940s, but the war and a nightclub tax dampened the growth of the genre. Fans of Western Swing love the fact that the fiddle takes the lead in the band ove rother elements of an orchestra and even vocals in many cases. Stay tuned to Country Chart Magazine and for the latest news and …

Top 10 Roadhouse Country Music Albums - Most Popular Roadhouse Country Packaged Music - CD & Vinyl

Find the roadhouse country music in the Top 10 Roadhouse Country Music Chart. While roadhouse country music is still being made today, the genre celebrates the classic country sound grounded in traditional country roots - including artists such as Merle Haggard, George Jones, Johnny Cash, Conway Twitty, Loretta Lynn, Ronnie Milsap and others - including Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Patsy Cline. Of course, Willie Nelson is included here, and the 'Red Headed Stranger' even has his own Sirius XM channel devoted to Roadhouse Country called "Wille's Roadhouse." This channel has introduced younger country music fans to the roadhouse country music genre.
- UPDATED! The Roadhouse Country Music Chart is published every day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). The chart updated hourly the staff of The classic country sounds played in honky tonks and roadside bars is heritage music for country fans, and the genre 'roadhouse country' blends elements o…

Top 10 Today's Country Music Albums Chart - Hot Country Artists CD and Vinyl Record Chart plus MP3 Downloads 2018

The term "Today's Country" refers to a specific sub-genre of country music that primarily focuses on radio-ready current trending country music. The "Today's Country" Music Album Chart highlights the top new music from the brightest country music stars, including George Strait, Little Big Town, Jason Aldean, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.
- The "Today's Country" Music Albums Chart - Chart is published daily by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). The chart is updated hourly. Country radio is highly important to the constant evolution of the genre of country music, and many of the most successful country radio station programmers believe in using the most popular artists from the "Today's Country" sub-genre of country music. Therefore, the Top 10 "Today's Country" Albums Chart is a good guide to the type of music being played on country radio right now. Stay tuned to for the top new albums in "T…

Top 10 Nashville Sound Music Chart 2018 - Top Country CD and Vinyl Nashville Sound and Countrypolitan Albums

The Nashville Sound Music Chart showcases the most popular country music featuring the "Nashville Sound" genre, which was originally pioneered by Decca Records, Columbia Records and RCA Records in the mid-1950s. The "Nashville Sound Music Chart" lists the TOP compact discs and vinyl record albums in this classic country musical genre that started in Nashville, Tennessee. Later, "Countrypolitan" music expanded on elements of the "Nashville Sound" genre.
- UPDATED! The Nashville Sound Music Chart is published every day by 2 pm CST (Nashville time). The music included in the "Nashville Sound" built on the popularity of honky-tonk music but often replaced the fiddle, nasal-style vocals and steel guitar - replacing it with some elements of popular music of the time. The charts found below highlight the most popular albums in this genre. Stay tuned to for all your top "Nashville Sound" music. Bookmark the page and …

Top 10 Live Country Music Albums 2018 and Top 10 Live Country Concert Recordings - Downloads. Music CDs

Live music is the lifeblood of country music, and the Top 10 Live Country Recordings chart highlights the top live recorded songs and albums from concerts of your favorite country music artists. Country concertgoers are among the most rabid ticket buyers for musical events across the United States, and may country fans prefer the immediacy of feeling in live concert recordings. This has led to a stellar group of artists producing top country music songs and albums that people want to hear again and again. This music chart completely involves live music recordings from country artists in a concert setting.
- The Live Country Music Recording Chart is published daily by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). The Live Country Music Recording Chart is updated hourly by staff reporters. The top trending live concert country recordings are included along with the top albums and songs. Many country music artists thrive in high pressure concerts among thousands of fans and offer th…

Top 10 Country Music Compilation & Greatest Hits Albums Chart - Box Set, Retrospective CD, Vinyl Album, MP3 Download Chart

The Country Music Compilations Chart highlights the enduring popularity of compilation, country box sets and Greatest Hits albums in country music. Indeed, Country music compilations are often some of the biggest selling albums in country music and often place at #1 or in the Top 10 country albums charts. While many country music compilations offer a number of different artists on one album, retrospective albums - also called 'greatest hits' albums - are also extremely popular. Many classic country artists from the past have seen great catalog sales from country music compilation albums. Various artist compilations are popular both in physical CD sales and in music playlist albums containing various country music artists.
- The Country Music Compilations and Greatest Hits Albums Chart is published every day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). This chart is updated daily by the staff of Surprisingly, compilation albums continue to delight country fans who ofte…

Top 10 Country Music Vinyl and Compact Discs Hot New Country Vinyl Albums Chart & CD Music Releases

These are the Top New Country Music Compact Disc releases for the week, and our CD chart highlights the hottest new packaged physical music releases in country music right now. Find trending new release CDs and Vinyl. and Walmart are two of the top retailers in country music, and the charts below reflect the influence of these two retailers on country music sales from top country music artists on radio and streaming services, as well as artists who have a fan base that purchases music regularly..
- The Country CD & Vinyl Musc Chart is published every day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). This chart is updated hourly by the staff. Compact discs and vinyl records are important items for country fans to own. In fact, streaming and MP3 downloads do not engender the amount of fan attachment of compact discs and vinyl records. Country fans want to own a piece of their favorite artists and study the front CD insert by reading the credits and mentions of than…

Top 100 iTunes Country Music Video Chart 2018 - iTunes Country Videos Chart - UPDATED

This is the top 100 Country Music Video chart which is updated hourly. The chart hails from iTunes, which is the most popular country music store on the planet. You can support your favorite artist on the country music video chart by clicking the link to your favorite video and downloading it to your laptop, tablet or phone. Have your favorite song with you in living color and HD sound anytime you want it.
- The Country Music Video Chart is published every day of the week - including holdidays. publishes The Country Music Video Chart 365 times each year, and the chart is updated hourly. Country music videos are more important for the future of country music than most people would think. The Top 10, Top 20 - or even the Top 40 or Top 50 - country music videos allow artists to connect with their fans on a massive scale. This sets the mood for the artist's new single, and a quality, popular country music video can lead to a Number 1 single on the country char…

iTunes Top 200 Country Music Songs 2018 - UPDATED - Hot 40 Country Digital MP3 - Top 100 Downloads Singles Chart

This is the iTunes Top Country Music Songs Chart of online downloaded country music MP3 songs right now in the iTunes Store and digital music retailers like Amazon. You will also find the Apple Music Radio Singles Country Chart, the Free Country Song Downloads chart and the Country MP3 Singles Chart which list the top new tracks in country music from your favorite country artists.
- UPDATED! The Country Songs Chart for iTunes, MP3, Radio and Streaming is published daily by and updated hourly. The chart is also published weekly by Country Chart Magazine. The iTunes and Apple Music Songs Chart includes the top country music singles played by country radio, and the Country Song Downloads Chart highlights the hottest music being purchased right now by country fans. You will also find links to the top free downloads of country music songs and country albums on iTunes and Amazon.

Radio singles and song chart position are very important to country music artists. In fact, h…

Top 10 Classic Country Music Albums 2018 - Popular Online Music from Radio Stations, CD, Vinyl, Downloads

The Classic Country Music Chart is pure country music that takes us back to a more traditional time in country music that many of us long for, and The Classic Country Music Chart shows you the top classic country albums on CD, Vinyl and Download that people are listening to right now on online radio, streaming services or buying in stores which specialize in country music. The aim of the chart is to offer you the top music heard on classic country music radio stations and that you remember from your past. However, new packaged music of classic country music is offered each week by some of the top music companies in country music.
- The Classic Country Music Chart is published every day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). This chart is updated hourly. Classic Country Music is a unique genre because it has two distinct elements. The Golden Age of classic country music is usually considered to be the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s,  1950s and 1960s with such popular artists as Hank Williams, Johnn…

Top 10 Country Music-related BOOKS 2018 - Bestseller Chart - Country Music Biographies, History and Songbooks

The Country Music Books Chart is published twice weekly and encompasses a wide variety of printed country music-related products, including autobiographies, songbooks and even calendars of country music stars. The diversity of the Country Music Books Chart makes it very interesting.
- The Top Selling Country Music-related Books Chart is published daily by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). This chart is updated hourly on Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for the country music fanatic in your family or wanting a new book related to country music for yourself, you will find the hottest country music books, songbooks, calendars etc on our Country Music Books Chart. Keep in touch with for our extensive list of country music and radio charts from a variety of media and genres.

Top 10 Bakersfield Sound Music Chart - Top Albums 1950s Bakersfield Sound Country Music - CDs & Vinyl Chart

The Top Bakersfield Sound Country Music Chart highlights the most popular albums in the musical genre. The Bakersfield Sound came about in 1950s country music as a backlash to the more-polished and slick 'Nashville Sound' music that utilized an orchestra and strings. Bakesfield Sound was named for the town of Bakersfield, California in the 1950s, but the music is alive and well today.
- The Bakersfield Sound Country Music Chart is published daily by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). This chart is updated hourly on Some of the most popular Bakersfield Sound artists are among the most beloved in country music, including the great Buck Owens and Merle Haggard. But men were matched almost equally by their strong female counterparts in Bakersfield Sound music, which included Jean Shepard and Susan Raye. The Bakersfield Country Music Chart will allow fans of the genre to see new releases of music from the past and brand new music from artists who adopt the very pop…

Top Brand New Country Music Music Singles 2018 and Hot New Albums Added To iTunes - Country Songs Just Added to iTunes

Here are the top new releases to iTunes this week PLUS a second chart of country music songs and albums just added to iTunes. Country music artists depend on fans to support their new music, and hard working country music artists put precious time and energy to create the perfect song with high production values. Let's support their efforts by discovering hidden gems along with new top country music hits.
- The Brand New Country Music and Just Added to iTunes Country Music lists are published every day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). These lists are therefore published 300+ times a year. has many charts of country music, including one of the most popular country songs charts on the internet. CLICK HERE for the songs chart. If you would like to see what is happening in the country music record album chart right, now,. CLICK HERE for the REALTIME country album chart. Find out what is happening in country music right now.


Top 100 Outlaw Country Songs Chart 2018 - Outlaw Country Albums Charts - Top 100 MP3 and iTunes Outlaw Country Singles & Albums

The Outlaw Country Music Chart is published daily and is constantly updated to bring you the latest Outlaw Country chart hits. The Outlaw Country Chart is the most exhaustive Outlaw and Progressive Country Music Chart on the internet, and we publish more than 300 new outlaw country charts each year.
- The Outlaw Country Music Chart is published daily by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time) by Country Chart Magazine. The iTunes Outlaw Country Chart is also updated hourly. You will find charts from iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, radio stations and others. Charts included in the twice weekly Outlaw and Progressive Country Chart will vary with each published chart and often includes trending new release charts, song charts, MP3 charts and CD charts. Stay tuned to for your Outlaw Country Chart news.

Outlaw Country music is a raw, gritty form of country music that came into prominence in Texas and Tennessee in the 1960s. But in the 2000s and 2010…

Top 100 Americana Music Songs Chart 2018 - Top 100 Americana Albums Online from iTunes, Streaming, CD and Radio

The Americana Music Chart from archives the top Americana music albums, EPs and songs playing right now on Americana radio, online in streaming services and purchased from internet music retailers like iTunes and The Americana Music Chart is a snapshot of the current trends in Americana music this week.
- UPDATED! The Americana Music Chart from Country Chart Magazine is published daily by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). publishes the chart 365 times each year. Americana Music is a hybrid form of music developed from traditional music in the United States of America which blends folk, country, R&B, rock and other traditional sounds to form the roots music now known as Americana music. The purpose of the Americana Music Chart is to highlight the best online Americana music on iTunes and MP3 plus showcasing hot new physical Americana music products like CDs and Vinyl Records.

The need for the Americana Music Chart comes from a wide ran…

Top 100 Alternative Country Music iTunes Songs 2018 - Alt Country Albums Chart - CDs, Vinyl, MP3 Download Charts

Our well-regarded Alternative Country Music Chart offers eight different charts on one page of the top new and classic alt country songs, EPs and albums. These charts showcase the hottest artists in alternative country music.

The "Alt-Country" or "Alternative Country" sub-genre of country music is currently one of the most interesting and inventive sub-genres of country music. Indeed, alt country began as some artists wanted to explore music outside of country music - bringing in musical influences from punk, rock, folk. Thus, the alt-country movement was born using many of the instruments already popular in country music, such as the guitar, bass guitar, piano, harmonica, fiddle, cello and steel guitar.
- The Alternative Country Music Chart is published daily by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). publishes the Alt Country Music Chart 365 times every year. Alt country music does have some distinct characteristics that separate it from traditional a…

Top 100 Contemporary Country Music Chart 2018 Top Songs and Hot Albums from iTunes and Digital MP3 Downloads

These are the Contemporary Country Music Charts for songs and albums from iTunes, country radio and  MP3 album downloads. The Contemporary Country Music Charts also encompass new, trending music that is featured on music streaming services such as Apple Music, Spotify and Pandora.
- UPDATED! The Contemporary Country Chart is published daily - every day of the year (including holidays). Contemporary Country Music is a genre in country music that is somewhat misunderstood. Many people outside country music assume that "Contemporary Country" is simply brand new country music mixed with a bit of pop. However, that is not true. Contemporary Country Music as a genre became prominent following the rise of Urban Cowboy music which blended popular music with country in the late 1970s and 1980s. But a group of artists categorized as "New Traditionalists" like Randy Travis, George Strait, Reba McEntire, Tracy Lawrence, Brad Paisley, Emmylou Harris and others are part of the…

Top 100 Urban Cowboy iTunes Songs & Albums Chart 2018 - CowboyC Country Music Charts of CDs, Vinyl Albums

Urban Cowboy Music is a sub-genre of country music that takes its name from the movie "Urban Cowboy," which offered a popular view of modern country and western culture that offered hugely successful soundtrack featuring country stars like Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee. The Top 100 Urban Country Music Chart celebrates the fusion of traditional cowboy and honky-tonk music with somewhat polished pop sensibilities that has created the sub-genre of Urban Cowboy music.
- UPDATED! The Urban Cowboy Country Music Songs & Album Chart is published daily. The Urban Cowboy chart is presented 365 times each year by During the 1980s, there was no more popular form of country music than Urban Cowboy, but the sub-genre somewhat faded in the late 1980s and mid 1990s. However, the Urban Cowboy has seen a resurgence in popularity as children who grew up with their parents listening to the music are once again rediscovering Urban Cowboy music. The Top Urban Cowboy Country M…

Top 100 Honky Tonk Music iTunes 2018 Songs Chart & Albums Chart - CD, Vinyl, MP3 Download Country Charts

Honky Tonk music in instantly recognizable for its raw authenticity. The 'sound' of honky tonk music is probably the most clearly identified music genre identified with country music. Honky tonk country music offers guitar, string bass, steel guitar and fiddle often with a slightly 'nasal-style' country vocal that makes the music unmistakeably country. The Top 100 Honky Tonk Songs and Albums Charts offer a listing of the most important singles, albums and EPs in Honky Tonk music right now.
- UPDATED! The Top 100 Honky Tonk Songs & Albums Chart is published daily by Country Chart Magazine and also distributed by Honky tonk music is often regarded as 'hillbilly' or 'rural' music, but the evolution of Honky tonk music is more closely related to the urban shift of rural populations (mostly in Texas) to larger cities. Some of honky tonk music's greatest stars are also among the most revered in country music with names like Hank Will…

Top 100 Traditional Country Music Songs 2018 - Top iTunes Chart Top Singles, Albums & Brand New iTunes Country Music

This is the chart for the Top Traditional Country Music available right now on iTunes, Amazon, Traditional Country Music radio stations and streaming services, such as Pandora and Spotify.
- The Traditional Country Music Chart is published every day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). Traditional Country Music has attracted fans worldwide for its honest simplicity that celebrates country life and country living. The Traditional Country Albums and Songs charts listed below are a mixture of celebrated music from the past and newer country music in the traditional style.

Many of the artists in the charts are big names in Traditional Country Music, such as Tammy Wynette, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, George Jones and Dolly Parton. However, you will find new and emerging country music artists that are being heavily featured on radio and music from the past being newly discovered on streaming services. Stay tuned to for the latest new albums, songs and cha…

Top 10 Old Time Country Music Chart 2018 - Top Albums and Song Downloads - Vinyl Records and CDs

This is the Old Time Country Music Chart from Country Chart Magazine that lists the BEST classic 'old time' or  'old country' music being listened to on radio and purchased from popular online music retailers like Walmart and
- UPDATED! The Old Time Country Music Chart featuring 'Old Country" music is published every day by 2 pm CST (Nashville/Austin time). Our chart uptimes are monitored hourly by Country Chart Magazine. The Old Time Country Music Chart is updated hourly, and features music that includes the top old time country artists, lyrics and downloads. You  will also find the top CD and Vinyl for yourself or the old time country music lover in your life.

Good music from the past is often called 'old music.' Younger people often discount these country musical classics, but with the resurgence of Vinyl, Old Time Country Music has managed to mount a major comeback with MP3 downloads and physical CD and vinyl record sales. Stay tuned t…

Top 200 iTunes Country Songs Albums Music Chart REALTIME 2018 - Digital Country Music Albums and Radio Singles Chart

Do you want to know what country songs and albums are in the Top 200 right now? Find out with our realtime country music albums and songs charts - The  iTunes Country Music Album Chart with realtime updates. Scroll down to see entire chart. Time of last chart update below each song. The iTunes country song chart is updated at least constantly, and you can you view up-to-the-minute chart results by clicking below.

Country Chart also has a DAILY numbered list that compiles all the data for the day into a daily country album chart and the Top 40. The iTunes chart you are currently viewing is the realtime chart. CLICK HERE for the daily country album chart.

Your favorite country music artists have popular radio singles and songs in movies and TV, but to find out what is really behind their artistry, you have to check out their albums. So help your favorite country musician have a Top 100 or, even better, a Top 10 album by supporting their music. Click the links below and stream the son…

Cole Swindell reaches #1 Album and #3 Song on August 17, 2018 Country Mega-Chart with Florida Georgia Line and Brett Young topping the Songs Chart

Cole Swindell's "Break Up In The End" rises to #3 in the Country Music Songs Chart for August 17, 2018 with Florida Georgia Line's "Simple" and Brett Young's "Mercy" taking the top 2 spots respectively. "Drowns the Whiskey" from Jason Aldean featuring Miranda Lambert rises one place to #4 and Dan + Shay's "Tequila" falls but stays in the Top 5. 
On the Country Music Album Chart for for August 17, Cole Swindell rises to #1 with "All Of It" and displaces the former #1, Kenny Chesney's "Song for the Saints" which still comes in strong at #2. This One's For You Too (Deluxe Edition) from the great Luke Combs is a powerful number 3 with "Lifers" from Cody Jinks and "Traveller" from Chris Stapleton rounding out the Top 5. Of note is that Chris Stapleton also holds the #6 album with From A Room, Volume 2 rising to a competitive #6 on the chart.
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Florida Georgia Line and Brett Young top the August 16, 2018 Country Songs Chart; Kenny Chesney and Luke Combs Top the Country Album Chart

"Simple" from Florida Georgia Line leads the August 16, 2018 edition of the Country Music Mega-Chart Daily. "Mercy" from Brett Young comes in at #2 on the chart while "Tequila" from Dan + Shay, "Drowns the Whiskey" from Jason Aldean (featuring the great Miranda Lambert) and "Beautiful Crazy" from Luke Combs round out the Top 5. On the country music albums chart, Kenny Chesney reigns supreme with "Songs for the Saints" and Luke Combs comes in strong at #2 with "This One's for You Too (Deluxe Edition). Traveller from Chris Stapleton, From a Room Vol. 2 by Chris Stapleton and Dan +Shay's self-titled album round out the top five with Keith Urban's "Graffiti U" just outside the Top 5. Stay tuned to Country Chart tomorrow to see new entries on the country chart.

Daily Country Music Mega-Chart for August 15, 2018


Daily Southern Gospel and Country Gospel Song and Album Chart for August 15, 2018


Daily Bluegrass Song and Album Chart for August 15, 2018


Country Gospel and Southern Gospel Song and Album Chart for August 13, 2018

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The SteelDrivers top the Daily Bluegrass Chart for August 14, 2018 with the Mark O'Connor Band close behind

Welcome to the first Daily Bluegrass Chart from The SteelDrivers rule the bluegrass song chart with "Where Rainbows Never Die" and "In My Blood" from the Mark O'Connor Band comes in strong at #2 with their hit featuring Zac Brown. Stay tuned tomorrow to see if The SteelDrivers come out on top again or if the Mark O'Connor Band can overtake them.

Country Mega-Chart for August 14, 2018 - Country Music Songs and Albums Chart

Florida Georgia Line's "Simple" tops the Official Country Mega-Song Chart for August 14, 2018. The song "Mercy" from Brett Young is riding strong at #2 and "On My Way To You" by Cody Johnson is the #3 song. "Drowns the Whiskey" by Jason Aldean (featuring Miranda Lambert) and "Tequila" from Dan + Shay round out the Top Five. Florida Georgia Line looks to extend their winning streak tomorrow. Let's wait and see what's next because Cody Johnson and Brett Young are  nipping closely at the heels of Florida Georgia Line.

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TOP TRENDING COUNTRY SONGS: New Release Music Singles #TrendingNow#1: Simple August 14, 2018 #2: Desperate Man August 14, 2018 #3: All of It August 14, 2018 #4: Speechless August 14, 2018 #5: Take Back Home Girl [feat. Tori Kelly] August 14, 2018 #6: Lose It August 14, 2018 #7: Burning Man [feat. Brothers Osborne] August 14, 2018 #8: On My Way to You Aug…